Do you know someone of outstanding character, ready to serve as a spiritual leader?

Nominate them to the Ministry of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Your nominee will receive:
* a Lithograph Paper Certificate of Ordination and
* a PVC Ministers Credentials ID Card

The cost is $49 and includes free shipping anywhere in the world.

The Certificate:

The certificates are printed on lithographed paper and have an embossed gold foil seal. Dimensions are 8.5" x 11". If you look closely you can see the FSM creation scene in the background.

Here's what they look like framed (frame is not included):

These credentials suitable for presiding over social ceremonies such as marriages and baptisms, performing last rites, casting out false prophets, performing exorcisims and so on. The nominee will be added to the official registry of Ordained FSM Ministers.

The ID Card

The PVC Wallet ID Cards are printed with a high-end ID card printer.

Ready to Buy?

* The cost for the paper certificate and the wallet card is $49 USD.

Shipping is free anywhere in the world. Note -- Digital PDF copies of the credentials will be delivered same-day.

On the below form, fill out the Name on Certificate field, and then press the Buy Now button. You'll be asked for shipping details during checkout.

Paper Certificate and Wallet Card

$49 USD. Includes Shipping anywhere in the world

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